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Since we specialize in the art and science of media communications you will find many thousands of files on this site that reflect our commitment to communicating the precepts and principles of the Bible.

The most important feature of this site is the Quick Study TV series which includes the weekend edition called Quick Study Weekend. Rod, Janice, Ryan and Corie Hembree are part of the hosting team of Quick Study TV seen around the world.

The Adventures of Enoch is also produced by Thestreamtv IPTV station. It is a children's science adventure series teaching creation science. With his host of 14 different characters the greatest scientist "ENOCH" (AKA Rod Hembree) explores the wonders of God's creative universe to discover the truth about who the Creator is. That truth is exposed for children 8-12 to hear. Children now watch an average of 3 hours of TV per day. Seen exclusively on Thestreamtv.

Just The Facts is a wild and wacky program designed to give the high tension attention generation a run for their minds! Going through the Bible in 66 episodes this high energy program is a spectacle of energy. This program is targeted for anyone who doesn't like boring TV.  Host and creator Rod and co-host Corie Hembree have a cast of 5 people churning out spoofs of pop-culture TV icons all to make a serious point in a funny way. Seen exclusively here on Thestreamtv.

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