Bible Discovery TV (BDTV) Schedule EST- 2011


 9:00-9:30am        Quick Study (daily 28min)

 9:30-10:00am      The Walk (weekly 30min)

10:00-10:30am     Bible Investigators (weekly 30min)  

10:30-11:00am     Bible Investigators Discussion (weekly 30min)

11:00-11:30am     Love Worth Finding (weekly 28min) 

11:30-12:00pm     John Ankerburg (weekly 28min) 

12:00-12:30pm     Origins (weekly 28 Min)  

12:30-1:00pm       A Closer Look (Archived 28:30) 

 1:00-1:30pm        Just the Facts (Archived 28:30)  

 1:30-2:30pm       Good Friends Church (weekly 1 hour - ish)   Just the Facts (Archived 28:30)   

 2:00-3:00pm       Creation Ministries International- CMI (DVD Series 59 Min)    Creation Ministries International- CMI (DVD Series 59 Min)   

 3:00-4:00pm       Ravi Zackarias- RZIM (Archived 1 hour ish) 

  4:00-5:00pm        Answers In Genesis - A.I.G (1 hour - ish) Just the Facts (Archived  

 5:00-6:30pm       Chuck Missler (Archived 1 hour 30 min)  

 6:30-7:30pm       Watch Word Bible (Times may very)  

  7:30+                  Specialty Programming (Times may very)   Specialty Programming (Times may very)   


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